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Refresh & Elevate
Your Complexion

Ministry of Skin is where innovative technology meets the art of beauty. Our team is dedicated to being caretakers of your wellness, infusing every service with knowledge, compassion, and respect for your individuality.

We offer a curated selection of skin rejuvenation services, from technology-driven skin resurfacing and microneedling to revitalizing chemical peels and medical-grade skin care. We tailor treatments designed to pamper, treat, and reinvigorate your skin.

Rediscover healthy, youthful-looking skin. Book an appointment at Ministry of Skin now.

Personalized to Rejuvenate
Your Unique Glow

Personalized to Rejuvenate
Your Unique Glow

Skin rejuvenation focuses on bringing your natural beauty to the surface. We sculpt our treatments around your goals, concerns, and wellness.

Whether you’re looking to revive your complexion, soften the signs of aging, or pamper yourself, our dedicated team is here to guide you on your customized journey to transform your skin.

Discover Our Skin Rejuvenation Services

At Ministry of Skin, we offer comprehensive services designed to rejuvenate and restore your complexion. Our treatments are curated to address various concerns, guiding every guest to find personalized solutions to meet their skincare goals.

Morpheus8 is a minimally invasive radiofrequency microneedling treatment. Combining these 2 treatments allows for deeper penetration into the skin that helps stimulate collagen production, reduce wrinkles, and improve skin firmness and texture.

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Collagen induction therapy, commonly called microneedling, promotes skin healing and regeneration. Our minimally invasive treatment uses the MDPen to improve the appearance of fine lines, scars, skin tone, enlarged pores, and skin laxity.


Reveal clearer, even-toned skin with noninvasive intense pulsed light (IPL). Diminish pigmentation, unwanted hair, redness, acne, and scarring without downtime.

Lumecca IPL is a versatile facial, hand, and chest treatment.

Learn More About Lumecca IPL

Revitalize your skin with Forma RF—a noninvasive radiofrequency treatment. Forma RF can tighten and firm the skin, refreshing your skin to reveal a smoother, more youthful appearance.

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Pamper your skin with AlumierMD. We offer a light and medium-depth chemical peel formula to exfoliate dead skin cells, reduce blemishes, and enhance your skin’s glow.

Our peel treatments are tailored to your needs and help refresh and revitalize your skin.

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Complement your treatments with medical-grade AlumierMD skincare products based on Clean Science. We choose AlumierMD for its dedication to transparency, effectiveness, and clinically proven formulas.

Medical-grade skin care can help you maintain and extend the benefits of your skin rejuvenation treatments.

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Why Choose Ministry of Skin for Your Skin Rejuvenation Needs?


Customized Treatment Plans 

Every skin is unique, so we offer personalized treatment plans to address your skin concerns and goals.



We invest in skincare technology that elevates standards, prioritizes safety, and delivers breathtaking results.



Our noninvasive procedures mean you can return to your daily activities with little to no downtime.



With our passionate team and your commitment to skin care maintenance, we strive to deliver lasting results.

Begin Your Journey to Radiant, Healthy Skin

At Ministry of Skin, it’s not just about how you look—it’s about how you feel. It’s about the smiles we share, the stories we hear, and the transformations we witness. You deserve innovative treatments with a team that sees and nurtures your natural beauty.

Rediscover youthful-looking, radiant skin with skin rejuvenation at Ministry of Skin. Book an appointment with us today.

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